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About the Advancing Policing Online Training Program


The Advancing Policing Online Training Program, hosted by the National Police Foundation, offers online training via 60-minute online classes, webinars and workshops delivered by some of the best-known and capable experts in law enforcement. Focused on a variety of topics, these webinars are designed to meet the day-to-day and emerging needs of law enforcement and criminal justice agencies.

Whether you are a crime analyst interested in integrating data sources from facial recognition systems or a civilian PIO interested in media relations and crisis communications, this program aims to meet the needs of those on the job without the time to attend classes or conferences. Enhance your knowledge and supplement your annual training with these convenient online classes delivered by leading experts in law enforcement.


This webinar had me thinking outside the box.

Crime Analyst
Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office

Pertinent information was covered and the speaker gave a great presentation.

Criminal Intelligence Analyst
Chicago Police Department

The topic addressed an important emerging issue in law enforcement. Very contemporary topic. Addressed critical skills needed in law enforcement investigations. Will help law enforcement agencies connect the dots more efficiently and effectively.

New Orleans Police Department


Upcoming Webinar


Wednesday, March 20, 2019 @ 1 p.m.

Police Recruitment and Retention: The Best Practice Insights You Need 

Presented by Chief (Ret.) Brett Meade, NPF Senior Law Enforcement Program Manager 

Chief (Ret.) Brett Meade, Ed.D., author of OnPolicing‘s most popular blog article that challenges our ideas around recruitment and retention, will offer essential insights and a best practices discussion regarding the challenges faced in recruitment and retention of officers. Chief Meade’s views are unique — drawing from more than 35 years of law enforcement experience at all levels and informed by a doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Northcentral University, his specialization is factors influencing voluntary turnover and retention of sworn law enforcement personnel. Having served as Deputy Chief of Police of the University of Central Florida Police Department and Captain with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Meade will provide strategies and innovation support to develop a specialized and holistic departmental strategy to target, hire, and retain high-quality officers. This class will be instructed via an interactive webinar format and viewers will have the opportunity to answer polls — taking a deeper look at challenges and strategies for recruiting from law enforcement executives’ point of view.

Who Should Attend This Webinar:

This webinar is intended for police executives or those who oversee agency recruitment and hiring.

What You Will Learn: 

At completion of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the current economic, political, and social environment has created unique dynamics and complications relating to recruitment, selection, hiring, and retention of sworn law enforcement officers.
  • Utilize innovative approaches designed to provide agencies with an advantage in hiring and retaining talented law enforcement officers within an increasingly competitive profession.
  • Develop a specialized, holistic, departmental strategy to target, hire, and retain law enforcement officers who possess specific, critical skills sets based on priorities set by the agency and expectations of the community.




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