Executive Fellow Ellen Scrivner Joins National Conference on Preventing Community Violence | National Police Foundation

Executive Fellow Ellen Scrivner Joins National Conference on Preventing Community Violence

Dr. Ellen Scrivner joined a national plenary panel on May 1, 2014 discussing efforts to reduce gun violence through the collaboration of public health officials, lawyers and judges and the community. The panel kicked off a collaborative conference on Family and Community Violence sponsored in Washington, D.C. by the American Psychological Association and the American Bar Association. Scrivner is a Police Foundation Executive Fellow, a former Deputy Director of the National Institute of Justice, and a nationally-known expert on criminal justice policy, police behavior, and public safety and policing issues.

Dr. Scrivner last year was a member of a special Police Foundation panel that discussed mental health and gun violence in the wake of the school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2013. She was also part of a panel of experts that developed a special report on gun violence for the APA. Both the Foundation panel and the APA experts found an urgent need for collaboration between police and the mental health community to break down silos in the handing of the mentally ill. Dr. Scrivner has also been an advocate in these forums for increased police officer training in crisis intervention and recognizing the signs of mental illness. All of the forums have emphasized the need for addressing the problems using evidence-based solutions.

A licensed psychologist, Dr. Scrivner has been actively involved in the APA and is past president of the Psychologists in Public Service Division. She received the 2013 Harold M. Hildreth Distinguished Public Service Award from the division for outstanding leadership.

She has had a lengthy career at all levels of law enforcement, from Deputy Director of the U.S. Office of Community Oriented Policing to Deputy Superintendent for Administration of the Chicago Police Department. She has also held a number of prestigious academic positions.