Crime Mapping & Analysis News launched by Police Foundation

crime mappingThe Police Foundation is bringing back Crime Mapping & Analysis News. This week the first volume of the quarterly online newsletter ( will be released, highlighting innovative programs in crime mapping and analysis. This is a renewal of the popular newsletter that started in the late 1990’s, that helped to shape the standards for how police strategically engage mapping and crime analysis methods.

Crime Mapping & Analysis News brings together articles by both researchers and practitioners on the methods, technologies and tools that support innovation, data collection and evidence-based practices in law enforcement agencies. The newsletter is a revamped version of Crime Mapping News, which was published by the Police Foundation from 1999-2009. This revised version is a vehicle for law enforcement professionals, crime analysts, researchers and crime prevention managers and executives, and criminologists to share their ideas to improve and strengthen the law enforcement community.

In this issue, articles focus on how police and fire agencies could combine intelligence for efficiency; considerations for how crime mapping could strengthen the value of crime and traffic safety data; place-based enforcement; and a roundup of Crime Analysis workshops presented by the Bureau of Justice Assistance. There is also a field study using GPS to analyze efficient use of a patrol officer’s time.

The new Crime Mapping & Analysis News is supported by the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA), ESRI, the world’s leader in geographic systems software, and by the Omega Group, the industry-leading developer of geographic software for public safety agencies.

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