Compstat 360 – Enhancing a Powerful Tool by Integrating Community Policing to Build Trust and Legitimacy While Reducing Crime

Project Summary 

At a time when communities are seeking to play an active role in public safety, it is essential that law enforcement find ways to integrate community needs and feedback into the traditional data-driven crime monitoring process. CompStat360 (CS360) is the next generation of police performance management, designed to tackle the unique challenges police departments face today. Building on the foundations that have helped transform police departments worldwide, the new model takes a proactive and problem-solving approach, which emphasizes community collaboration, responsiveness, strategic problem solving, and community satisfaction. The goal of the model is to provide police departments with a more complete picture of public safety and promote proactive community collaboration.



The National Police Foundation training and technical assistance (TTA) project team is committed to working closely with departments in order to successfully onboard and implement CS360, with no cost to departments while also maintaining effective planning and time optimization. TTA can be targeted to deliver directed TTA for a specific need, or comprehensive to support a department in full model deployment. TTA begins with an assessment in which subject matter experts in the areas of communications, data analysis, community engagement, and officer wellness meet with key internal and external stakeholders to determine public safety priorities and a CS360 implementation plan. TTA includes data analysis and visualization training, engagement with peer police departments, communication of the model to the community, integration of officer safety and wellness, and metric development for community transparency outcomes.



CompStat360 promotes the proactive co-production of public safety between law enforcement, governmental stakeholders, and communities. CompStat360 utilizes data drive solutions and emphasizes inclusive problem solving at the onset. This model is the foundation for sustainable community engagement to withstand turmoil and inevitable change. CompStat360 is an important management tool for leaders in agencies of all sizes work to address transparency and inclusion with their communities.



CS360 Safety and Justice Challenge (SJC) Research Report – This report will use the MacArthur Foundation’s SJC sites as case studies as how best to implement CS360 to advance the goals of reducing jail populations and identify alternatives to incarceration. The report will be a guiding resource for SJC sites specifically, but also for the broader use by departments and public safety entities advancing similar goals. This report will be available June 2021.

CS360 Social Media Guidebook – This guidebook walks police departments through the use of social media to advance community transparency and engagement, discussing various benefits and methods. This guidebook will be available April 2021.

CS360 One-Pager – This is a brief overview of CS360’s methodology and process for police departments contemplating implementation. This overview will be available April 2021.


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Funding & Collaboration

The CS360 TTA grant is funded by the following funders: The Bureau of Justice Assistance (2017-DP-BX-0001), The MacArthur Foundation (18.153056), and Microsoft.


Points of Contact

Julia Kessler
Senior Project Associate
National Police Foundation
(202) 463-7790



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