Research Advisory Committee

As part of the Police Foundation’s tradition of innovation and improvement in policing, the Foundation established a Research Advisory Committee (RAC).  The RAC is made up of leading and emerging scholars and exceptional practitioners who have made significant contributions through conducting or hosting research and/or introducing new ideas in policing. Committee members are assigned for a period of two years.  Chaired by leading international policing scholar and Stockholm Prize winner David Weisburd PhD, the committee’s role is to present new ideas to Police Foundation staff and to collaborate and assist in proposing and conducting research. In addition, each of the four members of the RAC present an Ideas in American Policing lecture followed by a monograph, as part of that popular series emphasizing new and innovative police practices and theories.  The RAC meets at least twice a year to guide the Foundation’s research agenda.


Current Committee Members

Geoffrey P. Alpert
James M. Doyle
Robin Engel
Jack R. Greene

David Klinger
Candace Kruttschnitt
Gary LaFree
Cynthia Lum

Edward R. Maguire
Stephen Mastrofski
Tracey L. Meares
James J. Willis

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