Policing Fellows

Policing Fellows at the Police Foundation are current rank-and-file members (lieutenant and below) of criminal justice organizations whose knowledge, experience, and perspectives help advance the Foundation’s mission. They serve as members of the President’s Practitioner Advisory Board to help ensure the Foundation stays grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the practical needs of law enforcement organizations, particularly as it relates to the rank-and-file. In addition, Policing Fellows serve as the Foundation’s regional representatives in national and international settings. Policing Fellows work on specific projects, represent the Foundation in meetings and conferences, and develop substantive thought pieces about the pressing issues facing policing. They serve for terms determined by the Foundation’s President.

Individuals interested in becoming a Policing Fellow should e-mail a brief statement of interest outlining their experience and skills at advancing policing and a copy of their resume directly to the Foundation President.


Current Policing Fellows

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