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Board of Directors

Police Foundation makes major contribution to National Institute of Justice report on Sentinel Event Reviews

The National Institute of Justice has released a new publication that proposes that law enforcement agencies adapt "sentinel event" policies that seek to learn from errors rather than lay blame for them. The report includes commentaries from President Jim Bueermann and a number of others affiliated with the Police Foundation.

Mending Justice: Sentinel Event Reviews explores ways to reduce errors in criminal justice by analyzing mistakes, such as the conviction or detention of innocent persons or the release of dangerous persons. This report explores whether this model - widely used in medicine and aviation - would be suitable in evaluating the criminal justice system. The report is available by clicking here.

Three New Directors Join Police Foundation Board

The Police Foundation is pleased to announce the election of three distinguished new members to its board of directors on January 25, 2013.

Dean M. Esserman is chief of police in New Haven, CT, and a nationally recognized leader in public safety innovation. After working as a prosecutor and then general counsel at the New York City Transit Police, Esserman started his law enforcement career in New Haven as assistant police chief, where he was one of the architects of New Haven’s community policing program.