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Our People


Jim Bueermann MA, President

Blake Norton MEd, Vice President

James H. Burch, II, MA, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Tari Lewis CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Jane Dorsey, Grants and Contracts Manager

Lorena Sobhi, Office Manager

Mary E. DeStefano MUP, Creative Communications Manager

Nicholas Corsaro PhD, Research Director

Karen L. Amendola PhD, Chief Behavioral Scientist

Rob Davis, Chief Social Scientist

Daniel J. Woods PhD, Senior Research Associate

Mora Fiedler, Senior Policy Analyst

Rebecca Benson, Senior Policy Analyst

Jim Specht, Communications Manager

Edwin E. Hamilton MA, Research Manager

Maria D. Valdovinos, Research Associate

Mary Sigler, Project Associate

Adam Kaufman, Research Assistant

David Weisburd, PhD, Chair, Chief Science Advisor

Research Fellows

Brenda J. Bond, PhD, Senior Research Fellow

Gary Cordner, PhD, Senior Research Fellow

Garth den Heyer PhD, Senior Research Fellow

Clifford Karchmer MPA, Senior Research Fellow

David Klinger, PhD, Senior Research Fellow

Emily G. Owens PhD, Senior Research Fellow

Melissa Reuland, MA, Research Fellow

David J. Thomas, PhD, LMHC, Senior Research Fellow

Shefali Tripathi PhD, Senior Research Fellow

Julie Wartell MPA, Research Fellow

Laura Wyckoff PhD, Senior Research Fellow

Research Advisory Committee

David Weisburd, PhD, Chair, Chief Science Advisor

Anthony Braga, PhD, Gottfredson Professor, Rutgers University

Robin Engel, PhD, Associate Professor & Director of the Policing Institute (UCPI), University of Cincinnati

Chris Koper, PhD, Associate Professor, Criminology, Law and Society, George Mason University

Jerry H. Ratcliffe, PhD, Professor, Temple University

Executive Fellows

Chief Hassan Aden

Chief Andrew Bidou

Chief Rick Braziel (Ret.)

Special Agent Chris Butler (Ret.), USSS

Chief Jane Castor

Chief Tony Farrar

Commissioner Robert C. Haas

Chief Ronnell Higgins

Director Thomas Hoffman (Ret.)

Sheriff Rod Hoops (Ret.)

Chief Daniel Isom II, PhD (Ret.)

Deputy Commissioner Nola Joyce

Chief Walter A. McNeil (Ret.)

Sheriff Sue Rahr (Ret.)

Chief Bryan Roberts

Deputy Director Ellen Scrivner, PhD (Ret.)

Chief Scott R. Seaman

Chief Scott Silverii, PhD

Chief Frank Straub, PhD

Chief J. Scott Thomson

Chief Walter B. Tibbet

Chief James W. Tolbert

Chief Marco Vasquez

Chief Paul M. Walters (Ret.)

Policing Fellows

Detective John R. Elliott

Lt. Stuart Greer

Sgt. Renée J. Mitchell

Tamirra Robinson, ICE Agent

Corporal Frank P. Tona

Detective Joshua Young

International Fellows

Tao (Tom) Xu