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Guns in America- The Complete Technical Report

This month's "From the Archive" installment focuses on an issue that is, and has been, the subject of much discussion. Guns in America, is a product of the National Survey of Private Ownership of Firearms (NSPOF) coducted in 1994. It provides some of the most comprehensive information on what type of guns are in circulation, who owns them, how and why they were acquired, and how they are stored. 

Also discussed are the views of those surveyed with respect to gun regulation. As found in the survey, a majority of Americans would like to see more stringent gun control regulation though only a small minority would express support for a ban on handgun ownership.

With the recent tragedy’s in Newtown CT, Aurora CO and the continuing gun violence in many cities, gun control is a topic of much debate and this report is a useful reference to those who wish to understand the evolving role guns play in the United States.

With the addition of this document we now have two Guns in America reports available. The published manuscript is available here. For the recently digitized technical report click here.

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